LES BAINS DE SAILLON is closed for an indefinite period of time due to a fire.

The restaurant is open every day for lunch and dinner.

Physiotherapy, Krys Roth Chiropody Clinic and Neptune Hair Salon remain open.

Gift vouchers and subscriptions will be extended for the days lost.

Information on 027 602 11 11 or by e-mail info@bainsdesaillon.ch

The FARINET Hotel can however welcome you in Saillon for the night & breakfast.
Information on 027 602 11 11 or by e-mail info@bainsdesaillon.ch

We also suggest you discover the Grand Hôtel and Thermal Centre of Yverdon

A wide range of relaxing treatments is available in the treatments, massages & beauty zone at the Carpe Diem Spa. From body scrubs to manual massages and body wraps, our treatments offer something for everyone. Top-quality products have been selected for your care.



Classic massages
1 session (+/- 50 minutes) 109.-
1 session (+/- 90 minutes)149.-
5 sessions1 (+/- 50 minutes) nominative subscription - oil of your choice490.-
Bamboo massage (+/- 50 minutes)
Ideal for relieving tension, fatigue and stress, it stimulates blood circulation and helps eliminate toxins. It also reduces the appearance of cellulite!
Reflexology (+/- 50 minutes)
Foot reflexology is a manual therapy practiced on reflex zones representing the organs and different parts of the human body.
Massage duo (+/- 50 minutes) 
Share a moment of pure relaxation for two. Classic massage realised by two masseurs side by side. Oil of your choice.
Hot citrus oil massage (+/- 50 minutes)
Very relaxing massage conducive to complete relaxation of the entire organism.
Hot apricot oil massage (+/- 50 minutes) 
Hot apricot scented oil massage. Moisturises and nourishes the skin.
Hot argan oil massage (+/- 50 minutes)
Softens and nourishes the skin.
Hot Valais arnica oil massage (+/- 50 minutes)
Stimulates the circulation, anti-inflammatory. 
Chocolate massage (+/- 50 minutes)
Hot, chocolate-scented oil massage. Moisturises and nourishes the skin.
“Pierres de Saillon” stone therapy (+/- 90 minutes)
Massage using essential oils and Cipolin marble from the Saillon marble quarry.
“Azurvaidic ©” treatment (+/- 90 minutes)
Full body massage using hot essential oils. Total relaxation for the muscles and the skin. Enables the body to eliminate toxins and stress.
Lymph drainage (+/- 50 minutes)
Particularly effective treatment of established or post-surgical oedemas. Very gentle and relaxing.
Relaxing “Alpages” treatment – new formula  (+/- 90 minutes)
Deeply relaxing treatment featuring a complete body scrub using a mixture of salt and herb oil followed by a massage of the back of the body using wads of Mayen herbs, a massage of the front of the body with herb oil, and a lymph drainage of the legs.

1 treament per day

Body wraps

Body wraps
“Douceur d’Orient” body wrap (+/- 90 minutes)
Complete body scrub using a mixture of olive oil and salt followed by a rhassoul clay wrap. The treatment also includes a face massage and an argan oil effleurage.
“Détente orientale” body wrap (+/- 50 minutes)
Complete body scrub using black soap followed by a honey and argan oil wrap. Face massage.
“Gourmand” body wrap (+/- 50 minutes)
Complete body scrub using coconut and sugar followed by a chocolate-based detoxifying, purifying and nourishing body wrap. Face massage.
Hot or cold algae body wrap (+/- 50 minutes)
Complete body scrub followed by a hot or cold micro algae body wrap.

Body scrubs & massages

Body scrubs & massages 
“Lever du soleil” body scrub and massage (+/- 90 minutes) 
Complete body scrub using a mixture of olive oil and salt followed by a complete argan oil body massage.
“Délicatesse” body scrub and massage (+/- 90 minutes)
Complete body scrub using coconut and sugar followed by a complete chocolate-scented body massage.

Cryo 21

Cryo 21 - Cool sculpting
Body shaping treatment  (+/- 30 min) 
1 session with Cryo 21
Slimming treatment(+/- 50 min)
1 lymphatic drainage treatment with Cryo 21
Subscription 5 sessions549.-
Subscription 10 sessions1'049.-

Facial treatments

Facial treatments
Deep Skin cleansing (+/- 50 min) 
Cleansing, exfoliation, steaming, extraction, mask
Gently Skin cleansing (+/- 50 min)
Cleansing, exfoliation, facial massage, mask
Simple facial treatment (+/- 90 min) 
Cleansing, exfoliation, facial epilation, steaming,
Extraction, facial massage, mask
Back care (+/- 50 min)
Cleaning, scrubbing with black soap and horsehair glove, extraction, massage, mask


Simple epilation (+/- 50 min) 
Half legs, armpits and bikini
Full epilation (+/- 105 min)
Full legs, bikini, armpits, eyebrows and upper lips

Reservations are required for all our treatments and massages. If you need to cancel or reschedule a massage or a treatment you must do so at least 24 hours in advance, otherwise you will be charged 80% of the amount due.

All packages entitle the bearer to one entrance per day.
The prices indicated for our treatment zone include the time for preparation and the departure of the client.
Bathing time is unlimited!

Les prestations suivantes sont inclues dans les soins, massages et beauté: l'accès aux piscines thermales, aux Mayens du bien-être, à la rivière thermale et à l'espace carpe diem spa.

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The Hotel

Our hotel complex has 148 rooms that will offer you a breathtaking view of the Valaisan Alps. All our terraces are located on the south side of the hotel, so you will benefit from optimal sunshine.

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Our restaurants with themed areas and terraces are there to satisfy all your expectations. Come and discover our delicious dishes!

The Region

Les Bains de Saillon extends over the Rhone plain near the charming medieval village of Saillon, decreed the most beautiful village in French-speaking Switzerland in 2013.