The Carpe Diem SPA

A space dedicated to well-being and idleness…

Guests may use this zone freely, following their own rhythm and choosing among three different steam baths, two saunas, one of which is outdoors, footbaths and a relaxation pool.
To recuperate between each activity, two relaxation rooms are available – one is a quiet zone, the other is integrated in the wellness area, both open to the daylight. Near the relaxation pool, a bar serves herbal teas, cool drinks and coffee.
Finally, the treatment zone provides an intimate atmosphere and for your personal therapies, harmoniously contributing to the impression that you are entering a veritable true comfort zone. From body scrubs to manual massages, body wraps, our treatments offer something for everyone.

Wellness zone :

  • 3 steam baths
  • 2 saunas, one of them outdoors
  • 1 cold water pool
  • 1 indoor relaxation pool with massage beds
  • 1 footbath area
  • 2 relaxation rooms
  • 1 bar area

Beauty zone

In a welcoming and discreet setting, enjoy a moment of relaxation and pleasure

Treatment zone

  • Massages
  • Various body wraps

Fitness zone

  • 1 fully equipped fitness room
  • 1 aerobics room


Wellness admission1CHF
1 admission40.-
Wellness pass2CHF
5 admissions
10 admissions
20 admissions
Wellness subscriptionCHF
Individual subscriptions3
1 month
3 month
6 month
12 month (illimited access)

Subscriptions for couples3
6 month
12 month (illimited access)


1Individual admission does not entitle the bearer to enter the fitness zone.

2The packages of 5, 10 and 20 admissions may be used by the bearer only and are valid for 12 months.
They will not be replaced in the event of loss and cannot be extended. (with access to the Fitness zone)

3Personal subscriptions. (with access to the Fitness zone)

Apart from the 12-month subscriptions, all packages entitle the bearer to one entrance per day.

Bathing time is unlimited!