Smile for the competition

Send in your photos and win some amazing prizes.

Enter the competition and send us your greatest photos taken at Les Bains de Saillon.

Images may be submitted via the Les Bains de Saillon Internet site or on our official Facebook page.

Your images will be published on our Internet site and on our Facebook page.

At the end of every three months a jury will select the best photo received during the respective months and the author will receive an amazing prize.

Get busy and send us your images.

first prize

2 nights in a double room at the 4 star Hôtel Nendaz 4 Vallées 4*s

Enjoy a magical stay for 2, free of charge, at the Hôtel Nendaz 4 Vallées. Situated in the heart of the Haute-Nendaz resort, in the 4 Vallées region, this superb 4 star hotel stands out due to its pure and contemporary Valais style. It combines luxury, charm and relaxation and transports its guests into a warm and authentic atmosphere. Booking may be made to suit your requirements excluding Saturdays, holiday periods and the closed season.

Gallery with your pictures (from September)

Attention je te mouille


Notre petite se jette à l'eau

Selfie Souriez!

Premier bain à Saillon pour mes 6 mois, trop cooool!!!

Francesca et la tortue inquiète !

Après un bon massage à l'huile d'abricot

Comme les grands !

relax de ma fille Elisa aux Bains de Saillon

Pépette qui aime les bains de Saillon et surtout y goûter!

Mon premier bain à Saillon pour mes 6 mois!...trop cool :-) Olivier

jour de mon anniversaire

Shakira Carla

General terms and conditions of competition entry Les Bains de Saillon: “Smile!”

Competition entry

The images may be sent to the Les Bains de Saillon Internet site at, Les Bains de Saillon’s official Facebook page or by email to A surname, first name, address and email address enabling concrete identification of the participant must be submitted to the competition organisers. Entrants not having met these requirements properly may not be included in the jury selection process. The entrants shall be responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the contact details submitted. The organisers of the Les Bains de Saillon photo competition shall not accept any liability in the event of an inability to correctly identify a competition entrant.


Only photographs taken at Les Bains de Saillon and not excluded in accordance with the exclusion criteria shall be accepted into the competition.

Reference period

The reference period will be three months and will define the period during which the entrant may participate in the photo competition. Beyond that period, any image sent to Les Bains de Saillon shall remain included in the database but may no longer enter the competition. A reference period starts on the first day of the month and ends on the last day of the third month.


The entrant shall ensure and warrant that it has all rights over the photos submitted and shall ensure and warrant, where the images include people, that no individual rights have been infringed. Where one or more individuals are identifiable in the photo or in the text then those individuals concerned must have given their consent in the event of the photo being published. In the event of third parties nonetheless asserting an infringement of their rights, the entrant shall hold the photo competition organisers free and harmless from any liability and shall act on their behalf with regard to any claims whatsoever.


Les Bains de Saillon shall not accept any liability for the loss of or possible damage to the photos submitted.

Rights over the photographs

Each entrant shall transfer to Les Bains de Saillon rights of use, unlimited in terms of space, time and nature, including the right to modify the photos with a view to publication on electronic media (Internet) or in printed media (brochures, books, displays, posters etc.) and for other communication initiatives (trade fairs, events etc.). These rights of use shall be equally valid for Les Bains de Saillon.

Data protection

The data provided by the entrants shall not be disclosed to any third parties. In the event of photos and texts being published on, certain information such as the author's name or texts shall be published. The same shall apply to articles which may be written about the competition or prize awards. The entrant hereby expressly declares their acceptance of these terms and conditions.


The entrant hereby declares that they agree to the way the competition is organised and that they have been informed about it by the organiser.


The organisers hereby reserve the right to exclude any photos or texts submitted to them from the competition without providing any reason. Reasons which may result in immediate exclusion are as follows:

  • Breach of the terms and conditions of entry
  • Use of photomontage or unauthorised editing tools
  • Provision of false, incomplete or inaccurate information by the author
  • Photos with shocking or disturbing content

Legal provisions

No correspondence shall be entered into regarding this competition. Any legal recourse shall be excluded.


Les Bains de Saillon hereby reserves the right to select the members of the jury. The jury shall name a single winning photographer for each reference period in accordance with the selection criteria of originality and aesthetics.


The author of the winning photograph shall then be awarded a prize by the competition organisers. The winner shall be contacted by letter and will receive their prize. The prizes shall be awarded by the organisers of the Les Bains de Saillon competition. The prizes shall be shown on the Les Bains de Saillon Internet page at There shall be a prize for each reference period which may differ from one period to the next.


Employees of Groupe BOAS and Bains the Saillon are excluded from entering the competition.