The history of the Bains de Saillon

1983 - 2013: 30 years of well-being

The beneficial effects of the hot water of the Salentze have probably been known since time immemorial, but the earliest remains discovered close to the springs date from the Roman period.

In the 19th century, at the time when the Casino de Saxon was famous all over Europe, people came to take the waters in Saillon assiduously. In 1865, a modest shelter near the hot water springs welcomed clients passing through.

The waters have really exploited since 1976, when the first swimming pool was built below the vineyards. It was such a success that it soon became necessary to enlarge it.


June 26th 2012 - Inauguration of the Thermal River

Giant toboggans and water slide

August 6th 2010 – Opening of our new toboggans and water slide

Mayens of Well-being

December 25th 2009 – Opening of our new village with saunas, Turkish baths and relaxation room

Carpe Diem spa

Autumn 1996 – Work begins on the "Carpe Diem SPA"

December 19th 1997 – Opening of the new swimming pool

Christmas 1997 – Opening of the fitness zone in the "Carpe Diem SPA"

March 14th 1998 – Opening of the wellness and treatment zone in the "Carpe Diem SPA"


autumn 1983 – Construction completed of the Les Amandiers building – 58 units

1984 – Les Bains de Saillon are recognised as a spa. Anyone wanting to undergo an in-patient cure in Saillon will receive the same services from his or her health insurer as at any other thermal centre in Switzerland. Moreover, the Saillon thermal centre has been a member of the Swiss Association of Spas since November 1984.

June 1985 – Construction of the giant toboggan

Summer 1987 – Construction of the “Les Tamaris” building completed – 54 units

November 1989 –Construction of the “Les Mimosas” building completed – 64 units

September 1991 – Construction of the “Les Lavandes” building completed – 44 units

1992 – The Hôtel des Bains de Saillon **** is inaugurated on 4 September

Summer 1995 – Construction of the “Les Romarins” building completed


1979 – Land purchased

September 1979 – Saillon Council accepts the project and modifies the zone and district plan

1980 – The State Council approves the district plan

1981 – Building work begins

1983 – On 1 September, the first phase is launched:

  • The thermal centre, with its physiotherapy facility, medical section, swimming pools, restaurant and sports area
  • The “Les Tilleuls” building – 71 units